Seeing Double? No!


Just Phoning It In Today…

Ok, ok…

I’m posting again because I was a slacker for the past few days. Or rather, doing yard work and other boring things you don’t want to hear about… and working on my novel–100 pages, yay! I’m really really tired so if this becomes a kind of a ramble or isn’t interesting or doesn’t make sense, blame my neurons and the Indian twit who called me by accident at 5 am after I was unable to fall asleep the evening before.

He did leave me a message: apparently he was from Cisco, and Google Voice could understand him better than I can. This makes me laugh, because GV usually transcribes things so wrong as to be a source of entertainment in this household. It’s kind of like answering voice mail that someone had played Mad-Libs with at a drunken frat party.

I’m pretty sure that he *actually was* from Cisco, judging from the half-understood computer jargon he spouted in his message which Google did not really understand. I used to hang out with network administrators at ISPs, and even go with them to colos and NOCs to fix schizophrenic routers, and network issues of various types.  Oh yeah, and Husband is a Network Systems guy too. Only he tends to do more software interface type stuff day-to-day, rather than slinging cable, and replacing hard drives and kicking routers when they are down.  But necessity nor familiarity will forgive the intrusion.

So… Cisco, I hate you forever. You intruded on my sleep, which is a precious commodity above rubies.  I hope I don’t have to skip the movie I’m supposedly going to go see with friends later.  Mass will be… interesting. I hate being in a zombie like stupor for things that are really important.


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