A Recipe for the Immaculate Conception– A Penetential Shake

Since Advent is a mini-Lent, I thought that it would be appropriate to post a shake recipe I concocted after having a hyper glycemic day at the One of a Kind Show at Merchandise Mart. My descent into sugary madness happened yesterday, and I will post about it on Monday, probably.

This recipe is a feast in the sense of it being really good for you, and having things like protein, fiber, greens, and all those good things that whole foods have in them. It is penitential in the sense that it is not uber-sweet, nor does it taste like your favorite holiday season frappuccino from that ubiquitous coffee chain. It doesn’t taste awful, either, though it may to some. It really depends on what your diet is like. Chances are, if you eat like a normal American, it will raise suspicion if nothing else.

Immaculate Mary’s protein shake

2 fronds of kale, young and tender are best. If they are too bitter this could be a disaster.
2 teaspoons of gluten-free oat bran; you can use chia or psyllium or some other fiber too, use common sense for your serving of it. For chia, two tbs might be too much since you already have flax seed
1 tablespoon of golden toasted flax seed; normal flax seed works too, but this tastes better
1.5 cups of almond milk; use whatever milk you want. I did not measure, read directions
1 cup of coconut water
2 tbs of PlantFusion protein powder, plain/unsweet; use your favorite protein powder, just make sure that your flavorings make sense
1.5-2 teaspoons of cranberry juice concentrate
1/2 tablespoon of cherry juice
1 tsp of maca root (optional)                                                                                                         *1/8-1/4 (2-4 tbs) of cooked mashed yam                                                                                      1-2 teaspoons of Frangelico (optional)

Ok. Chop up your kale finely with a large sharp blade. Put it in your butch blender. I have a Classic 16 steel/glass container from Oster, so I’m set. Let her run for a few spurts on the “ice breaker” setting. Then, add enough of your milk option to cover the greens barely.

Sprinkle in your ground flax seed and oat bran, then give it a whirl. I always start on the ice grinder setting until the large particles have become an emulsion, then gradually step my way up to the blend setting. IT will become a shocking shade of green and very thick, but smooth, with tiny particles. That’s how you know where to stop. Use your handy narrow spatula to scrape down the edges. Add yam, pour in your coco water, the fruit concentrates, and protein powder.

Give it a stir with self-same spatula, and lid up, and whirl her again, this time working up to the “frappe” setting. Blend until smooth. Check, scrape, then add your optional ingredients, and blend again until thoroughly mixed. Poor into a glass. Enjoy, but not too much! 😉

FYI… if penitential is just not your bag, the Frangelico really does add something pleasant to it.  You can also try two teaspoons (or more) of carob powder, with the Frangelico. It’s not *really* chocolate, you are honoring St John the Baptist, and it’s kinda like chocolate! Bonus points if you add it as well as the Frangelico. 

Yeah, I know the yam is a little weird, but it does add something and doesn’t distort the color too much, and adds a lot of nutrients, and a small amount of sugar.

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