Topical Question For My Readers…

cc. share-alike: photo by Kclama

cc. share-alike: photo by Kclama

Okay. Most of you have probably figured out by now that I have a LOT of interests. I love food. I have a peculiar obsession with hot breakfast cereal.           I write and obsess about writing. I am a practicing Catholic. I have unspeakable political views, and anti-trendy values. I am a semi-hard core media nerd. Ladies and gentleman, the nerdiness is not optional. You don’t get to vote on that.

That is why this post is beautified by a photo of a particularly stunning specimen of a European Magpie. Sure, I live in the US, but I love the color blue, so the Euro-trash wins. And, to be clear, he’s “Euro-trash” because he is a trash bird, from Europe.

That is, he is a distinguished member the family Corvidae, who is renowned the world over for being the hoarder of the bird kingdom. He says, “Ooo! Shiny!” and  takes whatever it is, and puts it in his nest.  Well, that’s what I do with ideas. This blog is a data dump. I get a better look at what’s floating around in my head by writing it here.  The rest of ya’ll are welcome to look.

However, I don’t like to alienate people, and am a people-pleaser at heart.  So I’m going to post a poll and see if anyone wants to tell me what they would prefer. I can’t promise that the poll will win if I think differently, but I promise that it will figure prominently in my decision making.


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