Nerdy Catholic Gaming

from icanhascheezburger's memes.

from icanhascheezburger’s memes.

Some comments were made locally that for some reason, no Christians objected. Theory: gamers who are Christian at all are often Catholic. Catholics have no problem with the above. Ok, I haven’t asked William Donohue yet [scroll down to the bottom of the page in the link for his bio]. But, I can tell you that at least Catholic gamers found this funny and even refreshingly lacking in disrespect. So there.  So, no Jihad yet. 😛

As for what is happening here… if you go back to AD&D (if I’m remembering correctly), it appears that Jesus has been attacked by a death spell area effect. So, he saves, and everyone else gets the damage. In those days 11 points in damage was enough to kill a starting character. So yeah, all of us sinners indeed suffer from the death spell… eventually.

Admittedly, if one were to examine the theology of this statement– it would seem to argue that Jesus did not die at all.

That is incorrect. He actually cast a Resurrection spell on Himself, and did so– not only while he was in Death, but also in such a way that all of us get Resurrection spells, too.  Translation… God’s got a mean die roll.    If you ask wikimedia, they say that these are God’s dice.

Yes, I promise I will get back to my series on wine tasting on Monday. Really.


3 thoughts on “Nerdy Catholic Gaming

  1. Why would anyone have a problem with this? I mean, yes, Jesus is being used in a joke, but nobody is making a joke *of* Him, and I’d like to think that God has a sense of humor. I mean, really, look around you a bit.

    1. Truthfully *I* don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. However, you can find on the internet at least one or two people who can find *anything* offensive, and will find anything offensive. (I think of it as a corollary to rule 34) They tend to be the ones who seem to write the majority of comments in– certain places. Not just in Catholic places, either.

      I’ve seen it happen on Catholic Answers BBS, for example, and in the com boxes of a few blogs here and there.

      Mostly it’s my paranoia from having been immersed in “It’s Jesus! Quick, get offended!” sorts of environments for far too much of my life. Perhaps ironically, it isn’t all just the atheists, either. I’m kind of a BBS grognard.
      You can tell, because I don’t call them forums. Oh, and the shell shock. 😉

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