Re: Chesterton Post

EDIT: This is for those of you who find my Chesterton post kind of confusing. This is what I was thinking. I did not post this because I was too busy  experiencing the wonders of modern medicine. I try not to get too political here,  but I guess I can’t help it.

By Nicklas W Bjurman (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

While I was loitering in the waiting room to see doctor, they had the press conference that Fearless Leader deigned to offer the public.  I was shocked at how some of the questions actually aligned with reality in a hazy generic sense.  Certainly not up to PJ TV, but also not the media I remember.
But my impression was that he was more concerned about his social life than even the fiscal well being of this nation. He also called anyone who criticized the racial makeup his cabinet a Republican.  I’m near certain that most of those who do are his would-be supporters. Nice Stalinist touch there.
What I see is that we have a formalist president. (Formalist in the Cardinal Newman sense.) He can’t claim to be both a “constitutional lawyer” and actually hold the beliefs he enacts in office. However, he must practice formalism with a twist. He can’t simply claim agreement to authority, because he is the authority. So he must claim to understand the authority, and represent the authority he ultimately does not understand. Therefore, to reinforce his own perceived authority, he designates more followers to polish the presidential brasses.
Further, I am now convinced that he’s going to get even more czars and help-mates in to please what little remains of his base, so I wonder if we’re soon going to see, “cup bearer for the president”, (that aught to please the lavender mafia), or, to show that he’s sufficiently progressive, “wielder of the steam cleaner for the presidential suites”, so they can declare to the public that the oval office is finally allergen- free.
I don’t think he’s going to get rid of any– not that you can necessarily base anything he does on what he says.  But, if it happens to be true, the only way to change the makeup of his cabinet– is to augment it. That seems perfectly in character.
I’m sure you have a more cogent and well informed thesis. My only real asset in political analysis is a finely tuned BS detector set to “formalism”.  Insert long sad story about my crazy mother.
One day she was a rational conservative like my father, the next day a foaming at the mouth stalinist/feminist. The next day she shut the door and ignored the world for a week.  I spent my childhood trying to figure out how to make her happy.  I found out that it doesn’t work. It NEVER works. The goal posts keep changing, and the requirement lists keep “updating”.. and well, insert my long quote of Chesterton here.

LOL I guess she did prepare me for the world coming soon to a country near you.

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