Kale Smoothie Update

By Jamain (Own work) GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, one thing is for sure. 2.5 oz of kale does seem to equal a medium pack (in my blender, at least), as mentioned in my previous post on this subject. It does produce a frightful amount of fiber, but you can always skim all or most of it off and  make paper out of it, I guess.  Personally, I try to save enough to be healthful without being punitive. As an aside, I’ve always liked pulp in my orange juice.

One of the benefits of letting the blender run for a while, is that you get to a point where it becomes easy to pour off the liquid green stuff and the fiber froth separately.  Unfortunately, I did not time it.  So, Now I’m going to be timing things and recording speeds, too.

Though this gets tricky because blenders–rather like microwaves, are idiosyncratic– perhaps even more so. My blender has 16 settings with little labels with very fine adjectives reminding me of certain commercials “it slices, it dices, it julienne.”  I mean, what does “grate”, “blend” or “grind” mean in an objective sense?  If you don’t have a Olster Classic 16 Speed, it don’t mean a thing. I dont’ even know the motor rating on the thing, or the volts or whatever it is that trendy people use to designate the power of the blender.

All I know is that you are better off with a Vitaprep, and I can’t afford one. Though husband was making noises about making our own coconut milk, and I informed him that owning one would be the only realistic way. 🙂 This is actually sorta true, because if you want a really good uniform slurry that doesn’t break down easily, the Vitaprep is an easy way to start. You may have to stabilize the stuff for real shelf-life, but for long enough to gulp it a little, well, power-blending is a good thing. And mine is merely good for a consumer product, which is not the same thing.

On the sick front– was feeling significantly better yesterday, though worse today. I’m getting headaches and lots of– well, stuff coming up. That’s probably a good thing, at least I hope so.  Also, I can’t seem to drink enough water. In my altered hazy mind I keep hoping for a banana bag– without having to go to the ER.

I did some writing yesterday, and that was very good. I have close to 15 pages done, as well as catching up on so correspondence  There’s still a lot to go, but needless to say I’m not going to worry about it– too much. After all… being sick won’t cure me of being a novelist, but it can excuse a few late letters.

Those of you who might do Adoration on Thursdays– say “hi” to Jesus for me. I’ll miss Him– even if I know that He is also (in a sense) right there with me.


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