The Color of Fear and Loathing

This is just awesome.

Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory
-CC- Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

In high school I took a tour of a small nuclear reactor site. They had one of these pools, and the light coming out was this fantastic shade of impossible blue.  I had this amazing discussion with a physics teacher who wanted me in one of his classes. Alas, due to my learning disability, the school board blocked my entry into his class. After all, they couldn’t give a learning disabled kid a calculator.

(This has since changed, or so I hear… a year after I graduated. Oh, well.)

The top photo at the Wikipedia site (second link) comes *close-ish*(pictured- left) to that mutable shade of cyan, but the ripples of the water on the pool were differently shaded– green-blue, yellow-blue, colors I couldn’t name– and they changed depending on what angle you were staring at the thing.  If you transliterate the color to orange, it is how I imagine octarine.

It is a real shame that no photo I have ever seen seems to capture the effect properly.  I wonder if some real photographer (ie. not me)will ever be brave enough to try.  Or maybe they all know enough physics to know why it’s impossible to capture. 

The irony is, that the background radiation is so faint that you could take a walk in certain neighborhoods (especially ones with lots of slump block) and get more of it than where I was ever allowed to go.

2 thoughts on “The Color of Fear and Loathing

    1. It is. In fact, it was the beauty and how so many people dislike the whole concept that
      inspired the post. I suppose I should have also sounded off about how ironic it is that things like lobsters
      taste so good (let’s not talk about what they eat), and that if you really look at a starling or a cow bird, they
      are pretty attractive birds, really, but we see them as ugly because of how much of a nuisance they are.

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