Tweeting? Why?

A free insight to my nature.

A free insight to my nature.

Dinosaur Alert!  Wherein I prove my age and infirmity by failing to understand a popular phenomenon.

Seriously people, it’s like SMS– only more limiting!  I feel like an antique even using it!  I remember when you saved things to floppy disk. I remember when you could only use 129 characters on an SMS.  THIS is not progress! This is just another excuse to spam people in multi-plexed stereo!

Hey, maybe that’s it.  It’s another medium where you get to see mob rule in action. Where you can force people down with the sheer force of your inane opinions – and update folks on every thought throughout the day. And the thoughts are short so you you cannot, by definition describe anything complicated.  And most important things are complicated.

Congratulations. Once we aspired to 15 minutes of fame– now everybody gets their own sound byte.  Maybe the Desert Fathers were on to something…

Clearly I need a trip to the Humor Monastery. 


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