Preview Notice: GF Fat Tuesday

By Hedwig Storch (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Yep. I’m finally letting you know that my interesting post is going to be a little late today, because I have got to find the right recipe– or make it up from scratch.

Here’s the thing. I’m sick to death of Chocolate. (Remember all those microwave chocolate cake experiments? There was cocoa, too…) And… shortly, it’s going to be Lent for a while, so… I’d better come up with something awesome.

I’m thinking fruit-filled.  I’m thinking of something baked, and some impossible combination of tender and crispy.  I don’t *think* I will be deep-frying, and I will try to avoid phoning it in– as tempting as making “Chebe paczkis” would be.

On the other hand, I’m lazy.  And, I’m curious if “Chebe paczkis” is possible.  Making the fruit filling would be easy– I even have prunes! 😛 And, other, possibly more tempting dried fruit options, too.

Though, I, with shame, admit that I rather like prunes, as old-maid-ish as that makes me. (Raises mug to Worf.)

I also think that “Fruity Oaty Bars” is not sufficiently decadent.  I did try one experiment with making them, and came up with– bars, that were, indeed fruity. But after 2.5 hours in the oven, they were only half-done, and… while they make for an interesting breakfast bar, or funny anecdote, they do not a dessert make.

I will talk about it in depth sometime anyway– because it does make for a kick-ass soaking oatmeal preparation for breakfast– for a hungry horde, or for thinking about cereal way in advance. For a week or two. And I’m not sure I trust it to stay safe in the fridge that long.  I only baked half of the recipe, and used the rest for breakfast, for a week.

So, I have several ideas for posts later, but there WILL be a sweet food post. There will be. Really. Honest.


One thought on “Preview Notice: GF Fat Tuesday

  1. It is likely that baking, while possibly pregnant (x-es fingers), is a bad idea. Self control when– ahem, *scientifically* testing the quality and post-ability of baking recipes is a requirement. Alas, I had dessert for lunch. I will have a [mind-numbingly healthy] shake in an hour, and hopefully some vigorous exercise. On the plus side, they did taste good. 😛

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