A retirement gift for Pope Benedict

By Wikipedia Loves Art participant “Opal_Art_Seekers_4” [CC-BY-2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

So I have some friends over at “Pray More Novenas  {dot} com”.  (Link is coming, I promise!) On Valentine’s Day, or perhaps the day before, they mentioned that they were doing a special Novena for El Papa before the Curia throws him a big party and hands him a gold watch.

Or maybe it’s a spiritual gold watch.  I wonder what that is?  A relic? Since it’s the sort of watch that hasn’t been handed out for over 600 years– it better be something pretty special.

I figure, some heart-felt deep prayer with a few thousand [Ed:UPDATE: try 84,000 Further UPDATE/2/24/2013: the real number was 48,000. Sorry folks! ] of his fellow admirers is about what what we flawed humans can do for a man who took the burden of the world on his shoulders, and carried it admirable grace and with a dizzying array of core competencies– even when he didn’t want to. For 8 whole years. Which is, like a zillion in Pope years. [Ed. Come on! You actually mean Googleplex. And that’s not a search engine!]

Here’s where you sign up. You know what to do.

Or, if twitter is more your thing– Join up with Fr. Z for well wishes for our “Renascence Man”. Save he is broader than even the most well rounded student of that era– because it actually was very provincial.  How insular can you get if you will only believe what is in front of your face?

Pope Benedict is one of those rare men with profound intellectual depth and clarity who also is a formidable theologian– and not just intellectual. He writes like a mystic much of the time. And that is the highest compliment for a man to attain– to have both a mystic mien, logic and clarity!  Like the office itself, no higher realm of praise is there for man to attain.

Aw shucks, me and my fanatical devotion to the Pope.   Frankly, I think the man  needs a big hug.  I’m… just not qualified to deliver.


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