Diet Becomingly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADiet Becomingly…and Conveniently!

When one has a limited diet, it can be hard to even eat becomingly, let alone loose weight. One thinks the pounds would drop off just from the lack of options. ūüôā This is not always so.

However, it’s nice to know that there are a few products on the market that help you out– even if they aren’t conveniently labeled that way. ¬†Personally, it means I’m more likely to trust them. ¬†A “loose weight with us” sort of label seems like just the excuse to inflate prices and play dirty with the ingredients list.

Imagine Foods is one of my favorite brands, period. I found them back when I was a some variant on¬†vegetarian. ¬† I was… kinda-sorta vegan. The thing is, I thought the justification for avoiding honey was¬†ludicrous.¬† I did not have the political¬†impetus¬†that most vegans had. I was eating largely for health, and the vegan just happened to take “whole grain” seriously– which was hard to find in the 1990’s. ¬†They were also pretty good about gluten free, and tended to avoid some of the¬†insidious¬†filler that made ANSI standard food dangerous.

I feel the same way about the raw foods people.  I will not ascribe to your religion, but there are some foods you have that work very well.  Thank you!  But I digress.

So… Imagine Butternut Squash is only 90 calories per serving. Yes, I generally eat the entire 2 serving container at one sitting. Sue me. ¬†But I can do that, because they don’t try to sneak in naughty stuff to make their already quite creamy soup less than perfect. ¬†It is also reasonably inexpensive for what it is, and you can find small convenient sizes as well as the big family size package. There are other flavors too.

Here’s one of my favorite easy food secrets. ¬†Reese Foods. ¬†You can find them in odd dusty corners of your mega-mart– but fear not! Just double check those expy dates and you should be golden. The stuff keeps for years, and they have an admirable nose for quality. They don’t do fancy packaging– and I love them for that. ¬†It’s just no nonsense deliciousness.

My favorite being their canned smoked tuna steaks. ¬†It is one of the few fish related things that I am willing to eat packed in oil— because it’s THAT good. ¬†Even better, it has three ingredients: trout, olive oil, and salt. ¬†No joke, that’s exactly what it says on the label.

Practically all the tuna on the shelf has soy in it these days– but now you know, you can have a quick modest fish dinner during Lent with the assurances of health!

They also have great capers spices and any number of odd food related things.  IT turns out they are a restaurant supplier who has diversified to the consumer market, and tend to use the same materials base. Since the restaurants would get persnickety if things went down hill, you tend to get good quality.

They also¬†don’t¬† fuss, and the price is right. Seriously check it out. ¬†When I was a kid, my mother did a blind taste test with Reese capers versus a very expensive brand that was imported from France. ¬†The Reese capers won by a long mile– universally, everyone thought the French capers were the cheap brand. Oh, and one of these guys actually owned a 4 star¬†restaurant. ¬† Not the Doubled Eagle, but… pretty close. ūüôā ¬†(And yes, he did go to¬†culinary¬†school, and ate VERY well) Personally, I think their capers haven’t changed since then, but you be the judge.

I mentioned the NoOodles in a different post. ¬† Though you can always make some quinoa or brown rice– toss the fish with the rice, shredded kale, a little of the fish’s oil, vinegar and a touch of coconut aminos or fish sauce– and you have a fine meal. ¬†Serve with a side of soup– and it’s a hearty meal.


2 thoughts on “Diet Becomingly

  1. It’s really too bad that their web site is so transcendently awful. They should hire someone who’s 1% as good at building decent web sites as they are at making good food products…then it’d be awesome.

    1. (Comment For Reese Foods) I know, right? You can’t even link to individual products directly. I will say that the World Foods website (of which Reese is a subsidiary) is marginally better. I *think* I linked to that site, too.

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