Some Thoughts on Divine Mercy Sunday

Things have been incredibly busy. I have arranged for certain necessary heavy-duty construction to be done to my house.  (We have yet to see how awesome our insurance is– fingers crossed.) I have assured various relatives that I’m still alive. I have done much cleaning,  many social things, and many church things lately, and have barely had time to think about the blog– except to periodically pick a nice pic from the web– and sometimes only enough time to pick a convenient one.

There hasn’t been much time for foodie experimentation, nor really any time use my decoder ring on my secret (ha!) wine book, which has recently chosen to resurface. All that stuff I covered in a half-assed sort of way is now available for turning into informative screeds of various kinds.

Also I have a periodic “editing” gig where I free-associate in helpful ways for a certain writer who shall remain blissfully anonymous.  After a pause, he is now productive again.  And I’m having inspiration fatigue.  I’m just  very tired, and the immune/hormonal portion of my various ailments are acting up again. Which means I’m both moody and in pain.  I spent all of today’s mass in tears. Yes, it’s one of my favorite devotions,  yes, Father Ben really knocked the homily out of the park this week– but there’s probably other stuff going on, too.

Which probably means I have to yet again cut another group of things out of my diet.  This time, non-organic meat. Which means I get to offend all sorts of relatives by saying I can’t eat anything they can afford to cook.  Insisting on organic meat nearly doubles the price and halving the portion purchased. This feels like it’s crossing over some kind of line.

I will only be able to eat fish in restaurants.  This is severely limited by the fact that many places slap all sorts of useless things like flour and corn starch on their fish before broiling it.   I feel like some kind of dietetic  prima-dona who wilts at the sight of the slightest arcane flaw in her food.  I vaguely remember vowing to never become one of these people.

Furthermore, I hear from a particular Catholic Health Care practitioner that the doctor who has been helping me with pain management issues (with acupuncture  one of the few non-drug, things that has really helped with flare-ups and pain management) is now contrary to the Catholic Faith.  The doc I go to IS an orthodox, traditionalist Catholic. This man saved my life with Chinese Medicine.  Kinda ironic that he also played a key role in my conversion.

So… I went to my resident Bio-Ethicist who managed to calm me down and say that I should get a second opinion.

Her opinion is that the charge against it is dubious.  Because acupuncture has proven efficacy in double bind tests, it’s NOT superstition (particularly for what he uses it for– in my case, at least), therefore this could be some kind of localized political issue. She’s not familiar enough with this area to be confident, however. Apparently  bishops in Poland do NOT approve.  But if my Catholic BioEthicist friend– who is also health care researcher– doesn’t know for sure, who the heck do I ask?!

I will start with  my spiritual director, who is a also a priest and a psychologist. He might at least know who to talk to about all this.  I’m sorry, I don’t have anything particularly spiritual or pithy to say.

So I will let Francis Cardinal George speak for me. He rocks so hard. Chicago is  blessed to have him.  The man has survived cancer at least twice, and has had a fairly exciting life for a Chicago homeboy. 🙂  The man has spent a large chunk of his life in exotic places, helping interesting people in desperate parts of the world– who occasionally want to kill him.  He’s not some old softie bureaucrat. He’s a man who talks stewardship and helps for the poor and freakin’ means it–with his own life as collateral.  He just won the lucky life lotto in that particular way. Or perhaps, lost the crown of martyrdom for an extended life of service for us lucky folks.

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday (for the next few minutes, at least)!!


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