A Real Car

I did promise you’d learn something about me.  So here it is.

The car pictured above is VERY close to a car my father had. Imagine it in Jet silver– yes, I know that’s not a Jaguar color. That’s because my father had it de-ionized, and  painted with two coats of jet paint, which requires baking under pressure to apply. Don’t ask me how he did it.  Then… he had his buddies (who worked in the pits for Jaguar racing) replace the electrical (shoddy Lucas) with AC-Delco.  A friend of his bet that his Corvette would beat it in a race.  I guess dad neglected to mention that it was a 1974 XKE 2+2 with a V12 engine.  [Edit: Ok, that’s not quite true. The man was looking at it  when he made the bet, so he’d been warned.] Dad won the race by a long mile.

Apologies to anyone who really knows their cars– the above is a ’72 and probably doesn’t have enough room for the V12 under the bonnet.  (Blame copyright– I don’t have time to find the right car with a glom-friendly license in short notice).

It is my understanding that the ’74 was the only year they had the V12. My mother tells awesome stories about traffic. Please remember we are talking about a woman who normally is freaked out about driving too fast. One day, not long after getting the car, mom took it out to get groceries. Driving along, she was idly wondering how she could be passing so many people with such ease. Then, she looked down at the speedometer and discovered she’s going 80 miles per hour. 🙂

So what does this have to do with me?  Oh, Dad had to sell his precious to pay for my mom’s rather sudden need to go to the hospital.  Nothing was wrong, except I was about to be born, and you are better off safe, I guess.

Neither of them have ever let me live it down.

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