Words of Writerly Wisdom, and a Bribe

By David French [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsTitle:Wallingford Connecticut Tornado Damage, 1878

This is the price of getting a steady supply of pretty pictures– the annoying writer has to occasionally write something.

I spend too much time at “According to Hoyt“.  She writes what I like to read. I just haven’t written SF in a while.  My First was NANO novel was a SF book– of a sort. But it couldn’t figure out if it was a parable for a historical setting, a kidnapped child-coming of age novel, a story about a peaceful invasion, or a romance with daring do.  It was all over the map, and was tremendous fun– until the editor had to be dragged out of the dungeon to detangle all the threads.  After which I pretty much gave up on the thing.  It’s still  there, on my hard drive, calling my name…

At any rate, Mrs. Hoyt has much wisdom to speak… but this is the gem that I needed to hear most. What I’ve been trying to do is put my editor [read: counter-productive critic]  back in the cage so I can write again.  I simply cannot do both at the same time.

“No. Seriously — and let your writer have fun. When you’re all done, let your editor have at it, but caution him first. Any general snark to the extent that “this is just total crap, junk it.” and he’ll be found with his throat cut in a back alleyway. His job is to make the work BETTER, not to junk it or to put you down. Then go, have at it.”

This is exactly what I need to hear.  All too often my inner critic utilizes Critical Theory, which is simply elaborate sophistry designed to destroy it’s subject.  Now all I have to do is figure out what “all done” looks like. Wish me luck.


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