Eye Candy for 160

I just couldn’t wait to celebrate the big 200. So here it is…

I happen to think this is very pretty– but is it art? Discuss! 🙂 In all honestly, I have to think about it.  I certainly would frame this to put it in my bathroom.


5 thoughts on “Eye Candy for 160

  1. it’s very pretty, but.. what the heck is it? is it soap? I would say it’s art if someone created it, whatever it is. If it’s random, then I would call it a pretty picture. But, hey, I’m no “art expert” 🙂

    1. Ok… to relieve your suspense… it’s actually ice, air bubbles, and water in a frozen puddle. If you look carefully at the bottom, you can see some leaves poking through.

      Now, as for whether or not it is art– well, this at one point was a natural thing, but think on this. A landscape is almost certainly (not always) an actual scene that the artist saw, that she wants to share. We can point to landscapes as being art. Who’s to say that a photograph couldn’t be also a work of art, even if the thing it portrays is, in itself natural or even accidental? I certainly wouldn’t argue that, especially since what I display here is almost always a photograph at some level.

      This tells me we can’t operate on the assumption of something being art based on what it is. What I’m doing here is reasoning, and it is not beyond the reach of any reasonably intelligent layman.

      A part of the point of my blog is that we have mistaken education with common sense. A layperson and an art educated person *should* use the same reasoning that they each recognize in common. This is where “common sense” comes from. The art educated person ONLY has more data, and when critiquing art, should communicate clearly to the point that the average person could see the point on her own. While the sciences obviously contain things that require a lifetime of study to understand, art SHOULD NOT. Art is a universal– or at least, that’s my thesis.

      However, to make that requires skill , study and at least a mental relationship with those things in common with all man.

      I’m always a little dubious about abstract art– because on some level there is a deliberate constructing of aesthetics. This however, resembles abstract art, yet is found in nature. Does that inspire you? It does to me, because how many times have we walked past a frozen puddle without looking at it, just assuming its all just more ugly muck? Yet, here, someone looked and saw beauty, and was compelled to share. I’m in favor of that! So by this line, it is art. 🙂

      1. see? I’m not nearly as intellectual as you are when it comes to “art”! I guess I always just thought of art as something that was created by man. But, you know what? I have no qualms about calling photography like this “art”! There is a lot of “art” that I personally think is ugly, or weird, or what ever. I love great photos, and think a talented photographer is just as talented as a talented “artist”.

        I know some people like to get all argumentative about things like this, but I’m not one of them. I’m not sure if I would hang this photo on one of MY walls, just because it’s not really my style. But, if I saw it haning in a friends house, I would love looking at it, think it was really cool, and deserving of the frame around it. 😉

        In the way that you said – if it’s displayed for others to see it and appreciate it, then I guess that’s as good a definition of “art” as any! 🙂

      2. I’m sorry if I came across as “argumentative.” I just find these types of questions interesting, and showing off my discovery can be a bit energizing. 🙂

      3. I did not find your comment argumentative at all, trust me 😉 I meant it when I said you know more about the topic then I do. I love discussions too! broadens my horizons. 🙂

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