More cycling stuff…

 Seriously, this is a good basic graphic for mass consumer product, but I think it could be profitably extended beyond the 1970’s.

My only quibble is that I thought that Mountain Bikes didn’t hit the consumer market until the late 1980’s.  Also, if I had the CAD time on hand, I’d also do a graphic of those awesome folding bikes, and those super lightweight frames, and aren’t there some innovative steel body bikes out there for long range touring that are pretty rad?   And what about those three wheel bikes for those for whom internal balance is not optimal?  Oh, and I completely fail to see a recumbent bicycle anywhere on here.   Granted, they would be harder to draw, but still…

Heck, I think those new Japanese cylinder gears deserve mention up there somewhere.  They are what got me to the idea that many multiples of gears might make sense.  Sure, I had a mountain bike for a little bit, but… I hardly ever used many of them, largely because I was a weekend cyclist who mostly street and park biked. I didn’t even use those wild hilly paths in Bird Hills park, because I’d rather walk up those hills than bike them.

The irony is, I don’t even try that hard to follow the latest in cycle-tech, and I know all this. Hrm.  Well, in my copious spare time, maybe I’ll do it. But I have other things  for actual other people that I’ve been putting off for too long.   You may just see Margot’s art gallery for a while, folks.


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