More from the Bestiary

Some imaginary beasts just won't go away.

By mate2code (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What can I say, I have some sympathy for mythical creatures.  Not existing must suck. But if they REALLY don’t, then why are they still around, walking in mincing steps around the back alleys of our psyche?

So they must– being as how they just won’t go away.  Perhaps they exist in the abstract outside the mind.  Because they’ve been doing this for a while, they have a certain power of their own that is compelling– rather like the dripping of water that slowly wears away stone.

For example, the above was a part of a floor mosaic mural of a Cathedral in Ravenna.   Here’s hoping they didn’t replace it with a candy colored linoleum squares. But then, I don’t pay their bills.  So bully for them for choosing to save this work of art.

This floor was  installed in the 12th Century– over a thousand years ago. Tomorrow I’m planning on posting an Ancient Persian (Achaemenid) Unicorn.  So those unicorns have been stalking us for a while. One wonders what they get out of the association. There have been some hinky theories bandied about in the past.   You are welcome to google it.   I’m not linking, thank you very much.  The wild-eyed artist in me refuses to believe such slander. They are noble creatures.  Nobility holds itself aloof.

So why am I posting about Unicorns rather than what looked like an extensive biking streak? Well, the chain slipped. And, thanks to those complex Japanese shifters I was raving about, I can’t tell how it’s supposed to go back on the bike. *blush* so… until I get it to the bike shop I’m grounded.  Maybe I’m hoping to hitch a ride on a Unicorn.


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