More About Gratitude

Source Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, reproduction number LC-USZ62-130260 This image is a work of an employee of the United States Farm Security Administration or Office of War Information domestic photographic units, taken as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain. via Wikimedia Commons. Date of photograph: January, 1943.

Weird choice, I know, but I love this photograph, and the composition is all about light.

You see, people, I have not been absent due to forgetfulness, or emotional trauma (though it was a near thing) or even blog hate.   I was in the middle of a power outage for 28 hours and an internet outage for twice that. It is hard to know which was more traumatic. 😛

Truthfully, it was the power outage, simply because of the heat/humidity combo we are wandering through, it being nearly July.  But I was anxious for you, and I even tried to update at the library. But alas, their internet connection was contentious– I suffered through galactic slowness for 20 minutes until it shut down completely. I could not log back in, so I just continued writing my novel, which was, in itself, novel.  I believe the connection came back about the time I had to leave.

After all, it would take more than twice the time to arrive to the place I was scheduled to be at the agreed at time. So I left 15 minutes late (which is pretty typical when I’m writing). I wound up showing up ten minutes early, and the person I was meeting was 20 minutes late. 🙂  Yet, we still got to where we were going together 30 minutes early. Chicago traffic is not always this forgiving. In fact– it  never is, except that it was.  But traveling in the city seems to operate on deterministic principles. What time you leave often has nothing to do with what time you arrive.

Fortunately, Husband’s work is pretty laissez-faire about arrival time. I think it has something to do with it being a  French company, and something to do with being in the City.  Personally, I think it’s one of those enlightened things about the French, but that’s just me.

I understand that you arrive on time to be respectful, to show that people matter. I don’t know how real service organizations–where that stuff really matters–deal with the problem of City traffic.  I even understand about deadlines– to a point.

But yes. I’m grateful for having electricity, air conditioning, and an internet connection. We may have put off blog hate for another month, at least. 🙂


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