Once More, With Feeling…

Arabian Gulf (May 4, 2004) – A rare lightning storm as seen from the signal bridge at night aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). The Norfolk, Va. based aircraft carrier is on deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Lindsay Switzer. (RELEASED) In Public Domain Via Wikipedia Commons

So we had yet another power outage. This time, instead of a storm wresting our high-tall power lines like a Godzilla on a Meth binge, it was some local miscreant trees who deprived us for power for almost 24 hours. To be fair, there were other folks who’d been out since Monday, and they wanted to bring them back onto the grid first.  I could easily walk from one edge of the outage to the other. The last roads inside our little community were both blazing with electric light.   Heck, even our nearest major thoroughfares, who did not make it out unscathed last time were up and running as per usual.

My heart goes out to those with disabilities who may have struggled without power for these days– especially those without generators.  Generators are rather common around here for various reasons.  Our disabled neighbor also has one– I spent some time praying for them because it was a hard storm even on that. They eventually gave up and went to visit family.

I rather wish we’d had that option.

This again has led me to think of gratitude. It is so difficult… is it because our technology makes us complacent? The sense that we are in control of our destinies, just so long as we have that next big thing? Or are we just spiritually lazy– not seeing the beneficence before our eyes? So many things have changed since the time when faith was supported by the culture it can be hard to tell.  And even if it did happen relatively recently, no one really talks about how it really was.

That’s it, I’m not adding any more categories. There are ENOUGH.

Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. Bureau of Special Services. (03/09/1943 – 09/15/1945) In Public Domain Via Wikipedia Commons.


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