Something Different

By Steve Black from Las Vegas, NV, USA (Different Slant on Orion) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sure, it’s looks kind of like something that should be the back drop for a cover for an  over-the-top space opera novel. But I *like* it for it’s own sake.  I don’t know what a “Spitzer image” actually is, but it looks like some kind of painting.   If I can find something that combines astronomical ‘photography’ with art… I am so there. (Sorry, lots of writing and editing going on here)

Some day, when I have something suitably excellent, I will actually post some of my shorter work here.

EDIT: It looks like “Spitzer” is a space telescope.  But look at the detail of those clouds!  Makes you wish they were lit up like that in space all the time so when you “fly by” in your spacecraft, that would be the backdrop. In that case, I’d have my nose pressed on the view-screen all the time.

I believe these sorts of photos are taken on more than just the visible light spectra.


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