Fear the Land Mullet

By Quartl (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Why do I fear the Land Mullet more than I fear the Land Leech?  Various Aussie posters — even an Aussie friend did not warn me!  You folks from the southern hemisphere must be tougher than I thought– and I thought I was being complimentary before.

I will grant you, if it were not for their fearsome name, I would assume that they are large, rather lazy skinks.  For those of you in temperate climes and outside the USA, skinks are a slang term based on a name for a small nuisance lizard that generalized into a term like “corn” was originally.  In our neck of the woods, they looked like garter snakes that grew short squat bodies and sprouted legs.  Despite the narrow body and legs about as impressive as T-Rex’s forearms, sometimes the decor tells the true tale. Those things could really move when they put their mind to it.  They were kind of shifty-eyed, so you weren’t surprised that they’d run away. Just not– so fast.    Sometimes they had blue tails, and mostly black with a white racing stripe.

THis guy looks like he’s never thought to put one leg in front of another in his life.

By Robert Templeton (Tennent Ceylon) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I mean, these things, and their implications, are pretty scary, even if they look like a botched attempt at follicular transplant.   Hrm. Must be time to get a haircut.


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