Big 200

So, I made it to the big 200.  Just barely.  It seems I haven’t made anybody happy lately.  Hrm. I should change that.  Here’s hoping I can make it to 200 more.  🙂

@mea culpa

@mea culpa : released CC @2013
Voltmeter from Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons

It was remixed from one of the more interesting files I found under a search for “200” in my Wikimedia crawl.  The others were maps like the one below.

Since these aren’t particularly fun, I thought I’d edit the top one and see what happens.

It is pretty from a distance, at least. 🙂

EDIT: ARRGH!  Off by one error!  Well, at least you now know to take me seriously when I say I have dyscalcula. 


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