Distraction in Context– and the Novel

William-Adolphe Bouguereau [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Margot Sez: Oh, and this is one of the other pictures that shows up under “Distraction” on Wikimedia. Just to make the two a complete set.

The last post probably was kind of confusing. Right now I’m [making an attempt at] editing the parts of a novel that I have spewed out over the past N months… well, since I stopped writing for NANO last year.

Part of the problem is that now I want to do anything but edit. This includes clean out the fridge, sanitize showers and toilets, patch up clothes that need repair,  read Zane Grey, read Homer by Pope, resurrect dusty plot lines from the ye olde scrap pile and write long ass posts here.  Oh yes, and I’m hanging out with a bunch of [realwriters in a super-secret FB group, which provides no end of fun distraction.

This has been complicated by the fact that it appears that I have more than one novel in the pantser pile. These multiple novels are set in the same place, during the same time, involving characters who interact with the those of the original.  I have to figure out where the split(s) is/are, who is a part of the novel I’m working on first, and why that split occurs where it does.

Oh, and to ask the question– can you have books in the same series that are in different genres?!  Further complicating the issue is that I don’t  know what genre the non-horror parts actually are in. The tone is so different between the two [or more] I have a hard time believing they’d have the same fans.  Unless the fan base is made up entirely of the two and a half people who can’t wait to see what I do next.

If I had to guess, the bits that aren’t horror fall into suspense-mystery with a touch of modern small-town college fantasy. There’s also two love plots going on too… sigh. My characters love to do stuff.  BTW, this is why I had to put some celibate characters in my story. That way I can cut down on the love plots. *rolls eyes* To be clear, it’s not that I don’t like love plots, is that I can only juggle so many at one time.  To digress just a bit, I think they are so special that they deserve to be showcased somewhat.

One thing that helps [a little] with the separation is that the tone is different between threads. But the complicating factor is that the tone is different for different people. That is, when Sebastian is being narrated from a 3rd person omniscient voice, the tone is light hearted and somewhat Chestertonian.  When Daphne is being narrated, the tone is– dark. She’s into dark things, and the narration goes places that it would never go with Sebastian.  I mean, things go pretty darn dark.  Not quite The Cypher dark, because we aren’t talking about holes into primal nothing devouring the universe-slurping up the banality around said holes.  That pretty much defines describing the bloody gaping maw of nihilism for me.

Did I mention that other members of the same plot are being narrated by [ a cheap facsimile of] Chesterton?!  I am, I repeat, not giving up on this story, as I have on so  many others. For one thing, I’m hoping to come back to the others with the chops to actually patch them up and market them.  Even now, this is the least complex story to fix– because it doesn’t involve knowledges I don’t know, or trying to pare out stories from COMPLETELY different novels, and/or rewriting whole characters (like, say, the foil) which would fundamentally change the character of the novel itself.

I have read that the more difficult the writing for the author, the better the novel.  I wish I could remember whose blog it was with any degree of certainty, because they’d get a link out of that. [they’d be doing me a favor rather than vise versa…]  My notoriously vague memory insists that it was John C. Wright-– who has serious L33T skills.  I can’t hold a candle to him,  and  probably never could, even at the projected apex of my ability.  Despite this, I figure one is better off aiming high.  I have had it with wasting my life underachieving.

Especially since my husband has told me what he wants for his birthday.  He wants– drum roll, please– a completed first draft of a “Gormogons!” Series novel.  This is not to be confused with the real Gormogons. Honored be their name! The series is called this because it describes a semi-ironic conspiracy between several persons, some of whom have connections to the Catholic Church. They convene to thwart a secret society with evil intent, and, without realizing it,  are also hunting down a demon.

Good thing one of their associates is an exorcist. Trouble is, he doesn’t know that he’s hardcore yet, being as how he’s newly minted from his seminary and exorcism training.  I mean, sure, he’s had some recent pastoral experience in poor regions of South America, but it doesn’t really prepare him for he’s about to experience. Arguably, nothing can.

Husband’s  birthday is in like… 26 days.  No pressure, right?  Excuse me while I find a brown paper bag to breathe into.  Maybe I should find several. I could use up a lot of bags between now and then.  So, folks– I’m not likely to have much of a life between now and then.  You have been warned.

As a side note, I also have a basket full of delightful scraps that probably don’t fit into [ any of ]the potential novel[s]. At least one of them stands pretty well as a short story.  So… is anybody interested in getting a glimpse into my novel?  It’s called “Family Business.”

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