Margot’s Wino Night– The Whino Returns With Soave

By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Of all the wine pictures on Wikimedia, this is the Italian white I tried today.

That would be La Cappuccina Soave.  It looked exactly like the picture above in my glass. They were right about surprise– this is a far drier wine than I have ever loved before. Husband was not fond, but even he thought it was interesting. It shifted and changed, but never hit a note I was disappointed with.  I found it very hard to describe at first.

It is very dry and has acidity without being harsh or puckery. It goes down smooth. It definitely has a base like new wine, only with more personality than should be possible. It is a painted desert.  There is tart grape, a touch of rosemary, light tannins (kukicha without the smoke) and a pleasant bite on the tongue. There is some lemon,  though in my mind it’s closer to yuzu.  Some have said pear, but that implies a sweetness this wine does not have. To me it tastes more like the green and papery note from Jasmine tea– even with a touch of pepper. Yet Jasmine tea is more puckery than this wine.

It has a nice floral nose that is much sweeter than the wine itself. Sort of yanglang meets guava. The  body is medium, I find that a fair assessment.  It is very sensitive to oxygen and temperature.  Try  a small amount in a big glass if you get bored with it.  Though I would find boredom hard to credit. There is also a hidden mineral note, but it is subtle.

This goes particularly well with the flavor of fresh basil, pine nuts and sweet tomatoes. It was divine with the sauteed halibut I had for dinner tonight.  It would be good with cheeses– even chocolate.  Ooo, now I want to try it with dark chocolate!  The contrast!

It’s greatest strength is that it is a bold wine, but does not overpower delicate flavors or coat the tongue. It can stand up to salmon and spicy food, but it leaves you free to taste nuance.  Give it a try, even if you don’t normally like dry wines. Especially if you are pairing it with food.   If nothing else, it will wake up your palette, and you’ll see your old standby in a new light.

Remember, folks… wine is always personal. This one is a good reminder of that.


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