Random Blast

[Operation Cue] – A few minutes after detonation the atomic blast in Operation Cue looked like this Federal Civil Defense Administration. Operations Group. (1951 – 1958) Date 5 May 1955 Public Domain– Civil Defense Administration

Well, this is another thing I found wandering around Wikimedia Commons.  Yes, that is a mushroom cloud. Yes, those are people just standing around, watching it.  Don’t worry, they were wearing eye protection. Call it proto-mythbusters.  *looks innocent*

For more information, here’s an unobvious link from Wikipedia, and here is the resulting video.

Boy, times have changed.  I hope Marty McFly had his spatial stabilizers in working order. Because in May 1955– appearing here in a sliver time-skipping DeLorean would be a bad idea.


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