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“Do not believe in God if you do not understand the goodness of bad and the badness of good.” I’m interested to know what you think about this quote. Thanks.

 How God brings Good out of Evil and preserves it in the presence thereof is a mystery, but it is the ultimate expression of how much He loves us.  After all, we keep asking for proof that we are loved, keep asking for signs and concrete evidence.

THIS is God’s answer to our pleas for love and preferential treatment– for proof He exists.  Remember folks, love isn’t a tingle. It’s the willingness to sacrifice your own happiness and comfort for the benefit of another.  We demanded the ultimate price, were paid in full, and we still aren’t satisfied.

Peter Paul Rubens [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Because we all want heaven whether we believe in God or metaphysics or not. Some of us even believe that we can build heaven  here on earth. (Uh, good luck with that.)  Sure, we can make things pretty nice. But the poor will always be there, because our desire for ever greater things will never die until we can have it all– Forever.


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