History Won’t End

So, I hear there are some people who believe that if you trash all the conventions, turn your back on all traditions and go off bravely in your own direction that somehow, it will be “the End of History”.  Sorry, that’s a lie.

The problem is, unless you obliterate EVERYTHING, and I mean, even all the people–history just doesn’t’ go away. It lives on inside of us. We stumble across ruins and the past screams at us, speaks to us, and calls us out of our torpid self-absorption with a message.  The world goes on without us when we die. No matter how big the trail of destruction we leave in our wake, something is always left to remind us of what we lost.

As a matter of fact, the more you destroy, the more aggressively you thrust those hated things aside, the more forcefully the past comes back to haunt you.  Usually sooner than you think, as well.  Because at the end of the day  you still have to live with yourself.

That is, until you don’t anymore.  Then the real fun begins.


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