Black Friday

By Winterhalder [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So I have always thought that Black Friday was a kind of a cattle drive of consumerism.  My mother and aunt used to have a tradition of spending the morning with family, then going out around 2:00 pm “after all the crazies have left”. They’d calmly gaze upon the wreckage,  pick up a decent deal or three, and have a relaxed shopping experience. The poor retailers needed to see a friendly face, and were delighted to be treated like human beings.

Well, that’s not really possible anymore. Seems like someone got wise to this strategy and started doing things throughout the day.  To retaliate, I am taking a retail fast on Black Friday.  I’m visiting friends and family on that day. If I buy something, it will out of necessity, or if I happen to see a good deal that doesn’t involve doorbusters or carrots dangling at the end of a string.  I really don’t like being manipulated. The pervasive commercials adorning everything– including my blog whether I like it or not– is just too much.

Well, I guess you get what you pay for.


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