(Not?) His Best Side

By MiguelHermoso (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Margot St. Aubin: Color Correction and File conversion to PNG

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, art is a particular interest of mine. This sculpture I got randomly, second try from our favorite oracle at wikimedia commons.   It is work of incredible skill, and I’m rather fond of the irascible Benjamin Franklin. I have a sympathy with double chins, too.  Ironically, I have had one since I was 90 pounds wriggling wet.

The texture and detail are pretty fantastic. You can easily imagine being in the room with him. Yes, I know that’s the goal of sculptural portraiture, but there are a lot of pieces where you sense at gut level that somebody used the same raw facial model that receives a cosmetic impression of the principle’s features. Yet, they don’t meaningfully alter the foundation shape for the human in front of them.  This artist and craftsman really thought about Ben’s head and face, down to how they fit together– and worked it out in marble– which is no mean feat.

Having worked in sculpture (the most fun and expensive medium on the planet, IMHO)  that sculptors are taken for granted more than photographers– even in this day and age.  Naturally, I’m apt to blame those who think that armatures of melted metal artfully arranged qualifies as public art.  Admittedly, I’m brutally snarky about a great deal that touts itself as modern art.

The photograph was sharp enough for the detail and caught everything I wanted, but the light was way too yellow. Add to that the unfortunate side effect of yellow wallpaper, and old marble, and it was a bile fest.  Though, kudos to the Miguel, the focus was right on.  Frankly there’s not much he could do about the light without his own rig or gels on hand, and most folks (speaking as a rank amateur myself) haul that sort of thing around with them. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to fire up photoshop, apply some half-assed skill, and justification for saying I worked at this post. 🙂

Oh, and a bonus heads up…

I’m working on a couple of articles– including an extensive book review– so it’s going to take time. I hope that come content is better than none at all. 🙂

Then there was the dental appointment that slowed me down this morning.  There were heavy pain killers involved. We’ll just stop the cascading excuses and random interruptions there. 🙂

Lastly, a friend requested that I do a write up of how “the pagan mindset works”.   I can only put up what I’m familiar with, but that too will take time. Bulletins posted as events warrant.


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