Waiting for Mr. Justice


It’s easy to think that the title is a clever bit of philosophical humor.  Well… it’s about as straightforward as I’m likely to get.  I went to Filter at 2:00 CST (though it was more like 2:30) and hoped I’d catch a glimpse of our favorite Culture Monk, Kenneth Justice.

I probably should have posted I was going to be there, in advance– like a hip, with-it and together person. Truth of the matter is, I’m not.  It was a spur of the moment thing, and I had no idea my husband was interested.  So it all came together at the last minute, or so I thought.

We got there, scoped out a place on a ‘must be seen to be believed’ purple and blue floral couch, and beheld all we could survey.


Turns out there was a bit of miscommunication on the blog itself, where the schedule and today’s post contradicted each other. My husband never got a reply as to which was accurate. We guessed wrong, and wound up eating lunch at a place that was far too hip for us.  Seriously, the food was good, plentiful and inexpensive, but I think I’m too old to eat there. Yes, I’m under 40– just barely. But I remember rotary dial phones and what life was like before 9/11.  That means, ancient history.

I also couldn’t find a picture of the guy on his site, so… I didn’t have a good idea what to look for. Then again I hate surfing on smartphones, and the screen was way too dark.  I thought that a guy interested in random conversation would be there without his laptop, but most people were very intently interested in their own conversations and not really into reaching out beyond the bubble. This did not seem like the face our fine fellow blogger would put forth to the world.

Granted, having lived too long in the midwest I was hesitant to break that bubble without good reason. It seemed like conversation was a lot more free flowing when I was in college. Maybe it’s because we had stalker vibes due to excessive ancientness.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going back to the place. I haven’t managed to make any sort of on-line event since the late 90’s when the IRL events were around the venerable BBS.

A free insight to my nature.

A free insight to my nature.

Once there was a car break down, once we forgot about daylight savings… just another ping line in the trend, I’m afraid.

Oh, well.

To make matters more frustrating, it was walking distance from one of the coolest shrines in the City.  I wanted him to get on board with blogging about the place, and take some excellent moody pix of it as he is wont to do.  The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy was literally rock throwing distance from that coffee place.   I also would have told him to check out the National Shrine of St. Jude before he left.  I don’t agree with ALL their decor decisions, but there is genuine, out-to-the-streets charity going on there, and someone with a big audience should respect that.

There aren’t any pictures of either on Wikimedia. I have yet to go there with a camera.  Hrm. That sounds like a new project.  Share the joy of Chicago shrines with the world, from my own POV.  Can I afford a new project?  Let’s find out!



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