Book Review: Part II: A Pius Legacy

So, after an unexpected offer I couldn’t refuse (that devoured a couple of weeks!), ill health, power outages, a missing kindle, attacking gnomes and a mishap with a portable hole generator… I  finally got through all of it to deliver this review.

In short, it is a fitting follow-up for A Pius Man.  This time he’s referencing several classics of the spy genre.  The pacing is much better, and the scenes map out beautifully in the mind. I found myself really wishing a movie company would pick this up, just so I could see these maneuvers.

You can tell he has much fun writing this part.  The assault on the abattoir by our Black and Tan friends  is particularly classic.   Look out for the aptly named presbyters who beat down on a bunch of Belgians. You discover just how fuzzy God was about kneecaps. 😉

There is some outright televism while the pope defends himself in an international court. Like a good episode of Perry Mason or classic Law & Order, the debate is lively and entertaining, and eye opening, too. I did learn a few things about Islam and some peculiar relationships with the West. I only had fragments –the bare beginnings of what he’s pulled together.  It is not pretty, and puts the whole situation with Saddam Hussein and our involvement with Iraq in a whole new light.

Once again there are some great lines, amusing situations even in the middle of serious business.

I can emphasize how well this turned out.  Totally enjoyable, completely recommended.

Heck, if the “Adventures of the Knife Wielding Pieczenik” came out any time soon, I’d be first in line to hit that “buy now” button.  But then, I have a soft spot in my heart for knife throwers.  Mix in gypsies, Bohemian political insanity and Olde Thyme Religion, you’ve got story potential that’s sure to please this odd heart.   Take a gut shot at Pullman while you are at it!

[Ed: I know, I don’t ask for much, do I?  I have some books about Gypsies you can borrow, recommended by the real deal…]


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Part II: A Pius Legacy

  1. You mean I have to choose? My answer is YES! 😛 (I’m difficult. Yes, I am…) If there must be an order, how about the order that makes the best books! As a writer, it could be a nice break from playing in the same sandbox. Don’t mind me, I’m just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. 🙂 IRL, it IS a tough choice!

  2. Great review! Eager to hear more about violent garden gnomes now, and presbyters who beat down on a bunch of Belgians. What a classic line: “You discover just how fuzzy God was about kneecaps.” Ouch!!

    1. 🙂 Oh, trust me. The scene itself is even better. 🙂 Of course, now I want to see a comic called “the Presbyter League” fighting crime where no one else cares.” But I figure I’m asking too much of Declan already. 🙂

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