My take on Mozilla


Firefox Logo: Creative Commons License; Wikimedia Commons. Image: Feuerkorb.jpg — Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Since the controversy is well established, I thought I’d lend a few thoughts.

First of all, I’ve  been expecting something like this. Not to Mozilla specifically, but out there, somewhere. You see, Chik-Fil-A and Duck Dynasty happened.  Reprisals must be made.  Purges must be done to assure  loyalty and purity of thought. And frankly, they’ve dropped the ball on this one.



Think of it from their side.  It’s about command and control.    If they command, and don’t control– they look weak. So somebody had to fall, and the former CEO of Mozilla happened to get the short stick. For the record, asking someone to retire is about the same thing as firing them,  just in case the Register was confused. Pressuring someone based on events that happened 5 years ago is not just “seen” as a threat to freedom– it actually is.

The fact that his crime was so slight– they pilloried him for a pittance!  –is simply a signal that no one is safe. That is, if you are vulnerable.  So I suspect that the tolerant, compassionate liberals have more to fear from this than conservatives do.

Also, Mozilla is kind of a weak target.  I had already designated Mozilla as that annoying program you don’t use– or even bother to remove — a six months ago. This, thanks to hearing that the NSA and it’s unnamed fellows use(d) weaknesses in Mozilla code to break TOR and take down Silk Road. So, if you are wondering about the graphic– it was already on fire when I tossed it in the circular file.

Now, I don’t use TOR.  The very little sympathy I have for Silk Road is from the privacy angle– I don’t approve of criminality.  But I don’t like living in a world where absolutely everything is monitored by people we are supposed to believe have our best interests at heart. Especially people with the power to oppress and kill without reprisal.

Trust but verify– and the verification rate has been dismal so far.  I don’t need to repeat the litany of failures that our own government has perpetrated against it’s own people. If the Founders were still around, a lot of people– some highly placed, would be shot for treason.  But the Constitution was sold for a mess of pottage at least 40 years ago.

The upshot is that I stopped using Mozilla about six months ago.  This might finally persuade me to remove the program from my hard drive, but that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme. No, what I’d do, if I were an investor– is to drop the stock like a hot rock. I’d sell it to the LOWEST bidder and be done with it.

Why, you ask? Because I’m a bigot?  Well… I will let you decide. Here are my reasons.

Partially because the security issues were not faced and dealt with– and dealt with aggressively. Partially because they want to wave torches and distract the masses with political theater.  Where was the outrage about things that actually matter for a browser?  Where was the embarrassment? I would expect a strong public statement– yet none was made, that I can find with several searches.

Ironically, it’s not even about “gay” “marriage”. It’s more about political witch hunts, and a failure to address REAL issues.  If you are going to be bastages, at least admit it.  Incompetent bastages should not be supported.  So, hey, they did us a favor, and I’ll act accordingly.  You will note that Chick Fill A did not fire their LGBT workers… if they left, they left by their own free will.  I’m pretty sure the same goes for the Duck Dynasty crew.

It’s a private company. I have no stock in it, so my opinion doesn’t really matter. When some people are more equal than others, because some opinions are more equal than others… we’ll say that ship sailed long ago. It’s just time for the leading lights to decide what side you are on.



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