Sunday Shrine– Easter 2014

You know I had to have something special set aside for this day. Well, yes. I bring you Ta’Pinu shrine on the tiny island of  Ix-Xewkija, Malta. Though the way of the Cross seems more like a Good Friday sort of theme, I thought the Resurrection would be sufficient. “Strangely”, you rarely see the Resurrection represented in shrine form without a hefty dose of the Cross along with it. Gee, wonder why…

The Way of the Cross of Ta Pinu Sanctuary station 14 Creative Commons License: Hans A. Rosbach Found on Wikimedia Commons

The few examples I can think of I have only seen in church buildings I have attended. And that’s only because you can only look at one area in a church at a time. They amply describe the cross throughout most of the building…then there is a place, where the Resurrection fully grabs your attention and nothing else falls inside your vision.

Interior of St Mary and the Angels Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois, USA © 2009, Jeremy Atherton– under the Creative Commons License SOON I will take a picture of the stained glass I’m talking about.

There is a not well known vision of St. Francis where Christ appears on a Cross, yet in glory, flying with wings, and wrapped in the wings of angels.  There is a stained glass window in one of my favorite church– St. Mary of the Angels in Chicago.  My favorite confession priest (who is a true confessor) resides there, which is nice. They offer confession there during mass, and for one with little mobility in the workaday world, they are going above and beyond the call of duty keeping my soul dusted off. Thanks, guys!  I hope to get in there to take some photographs. It is such a lovely building, fit for kings– even more so the King of Kings, who dains to share it with us all.

Wayside shrine in Heiligengrab in the community of Bleiburg – Resurrection Thanks to Wikimedia user Neithan90, who graced this image with the public domain designation. This is the coveted Easter Bonus image.

As an added bonus, it’s an Opus Dei parish, which is more wonderful and less exciting than it sounds.  There are no albino assassin monks there, well…that I know of. 😉 But I’m rambling.  More pictures of the *actual* shrine are below. It looks pretty fantastic. It’s added to the list of places I have to go.

Belle basilique de Gozo à Malte visitée par le pape Jean-Paul II en 1990. Licenced under the creative Commons LIcence by: Lasponge Thank you for your user friendly license, and beautiful pictures!

Creative Commons License: ByHans A. Rosbach From Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Malta, Gozo, Ta’ Ghammar, Via Crucis, Station 12 Michael Haitel (Myhaitel)


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