Why I Vanished This Time

I even missed the Sunday Shrine …which almost never happens.  To find out “Why I Vanished This Time” here’s exhibit 1:


You are right, that’s not a pretty picture. This next one is more clear…

2014-05-18_09-48-32 2014-05-18_09-48-20I spent a couple of days driving one of these… all the wile, not getting much rest and hauling stuff out of my mother’s house.  I felt like the least efficient moving team in history. It was hot, slow, and frustrating… and there was heavy rain in the middle of the night, losing my driving companion, getting lost, and the whole bit.   My partner was my brother, who, like me, has a short fuse. Hilarity ensued.  Fortunately, no cops or fisticuffs were involved.

On the road, I was insanely tempted to blast “Let it Go!” while watching the hundreds of people flee my slow bulkiness. Hey, I was even cruising somewhere close to the speed limit.  For one of these, that’s an accomplishment. I’m mostly convinced that I was driving safely.  If you don’t have just a little doubt, I’d rather share the road with someone else.

But I did see a lot of this over the course of the weekend.


2014-05-18_09-46-44And this….


But, thankfully, without THIS.

snowBut it was a last minute emergency, as my mother said we had a month to get our stuff out. SO… Yeah. Wasn’t so great at preparing the blog for that. My apologies.

Also, I really want more of this.




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