When I’m Stressed, I Cook (crazy?)

So I decided to make butter chicken.  I thought to myself, “Self, I should make something delicious and easy that I can just toss into the crock pot.”  So I found this recipe.


Well, instead of being normal and buying all the ingredients– I went out and bought the raw materials.  That’s right, today I made this curry paste, with the side effect of having made garam masala, too.  Then I went looking for a tandoori masala spice mix recipe. Made all of these from scratch, toasting the spices and everything.  This took a while. This is NOT a quick thing.  Did I mention I am making my tomato base from scratch, too? Using this recipe, and I cut it down by about 1/16 (Guessing– I used about a pound of tomatoes– not 8 quarts.) so I’d get my handy 5.5 oz of paste.  Yeah, I’m insane. But this is one of the many wonderful things I got out of it. As well as some much needed sanity.

Home Made Curry Paste

Home Made Curry Paste

There was something very satisfying about cooking down my pureed onions, peppers, spices and tomatoes to make a paste for later. It was fragrant, calming and wondrous, to watch a mess of puree to cook down to an organic gooey thing.  The process is magic.  Though I didn’t need to, I also made some tamarind paste for another project. I discovered there’s a part missing on my pressure cooker, so I had to use just a regular pot. That worked pretty well, too.

But hey, *tomorrow* I’ll have the most scratch made butter chicken outside of an Indian restaurant run by OCD sufferers.  However, I aim to enjoy my OCD as much as possible. 🙂 Indian food is one way to do this. 🙂

FYI: I found something I thought was gone for good. I’ll give you a hint. It’s very special to me.

Oh, come on. Should be obvious now.

Oh, come on. Should be obvious now.


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