Sunday Shrine 6/29

So we begin with a fist pump for one of my favorite Saints. He’s been with me since I was a child. That’s saying something for convert. It helps that my piano teacher was a devout Catholic.

Here’s the exterior.  WP is being fussy again, but at least it will let me give pictures  attributes. EDIT:Or, not. It just stripped all images of my hard work… AGAIN. All these photos were created by Jim McIntosh. He released them under the Creative Commons license, through Flickr.  I happened to get them on Wikimedia Commons. Way to go, Jim!

Below– well, they still know Latin….

Very nice Crucifix, too. Don’t ask me to talk about what they did to the Crucifix in Holy Name Cathedral. Just… don’t.

Below– Notice that some of these are not like the others.  It is good to see you there, PJ II and Mother Theresa!

I find blinky-eye dolls in your faith…disturbing.

But wait… there’s more.

Now, let’s see what that stained glass wall really looks like.  Shame I couldn’t find closeups, but with the sanctuary right in front– might be hard to arrange.

A closeup of the saints. They look life sized, and Jesus is quite close to the altar.   You could do Ad Orientem here pretty easily.  I wonder where they put the tabernacle door?

And here we have… the man himself. It’s not clear where this lovely mosaic is. Maybe in the hall of dolls?


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