Happy Belated July 4th

Wikimedia had some great stuff for the Fourth this year.

July 4th, 1917 at the Shanghai Consulate.

Really wish I could get a bigger picture of this.  More resolution would be great, too.

Below is another one… this time 1939.

St Helena Island, South Carolina, July 4, 1939

This final one would be one of my favorite ways to celebrate the Fourth. On my trip, I saw something like this blazing under a big rural sky somewhere in Rural Ohio between Cleveland and the Pennsylvania border.

Special thanks to QuentinV, for putting this into the public domain. Seriously dude, Thanks!

This  is July 4 in 2012, at  Camp Avoda Jewish boys’ overnight camp located on Lake Tispaquin in Middleboro, Massachusetts. Now THAT is how you celebrate the Fourth. Only I’d have more sparklers and fireworks.  🙂

This year,  a lot of people decorated the various war memorials and military cemetaries this year. LOTS of flags everywhere!  I have to wonder if it’s something that people do every year– and I just happened to notice this year, or if more people did it.




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