The death of the spirit of Art–plus Chesterton.

Here’s a fascinating post which basically says everything that I’ve wanted to say about the deadness of modern art.  Only he uses music as his core illustrator, instead of visual art.  For the visual medium, you can look at The Dada movement. That is the same story as Bebop– only with more frequent and obvious suicides of the artists themselves.

In a sense, this is two re-posts in one. I stole a nice, relevant quote from a different blog post. This Chesterton Quote comes from here.  Chesterton is talking about religion, but it also happened to art.  That is why we find endless delight in the Museum and Wikimedia, and mostly empty nothing in the gallery.

…it is doubtful, it is more than doubtful, whether one of the …[modern artists] would be soothed and flattered if I addressed him personally as an Old Fossil. Nor indeed should I dream of indulging in this playful form of social address; since there are truths, or half-truths, that cannot be coarsely stated without giving rise to misunderstanding even about their true meaning.

…But I doubt whether they have really thought profoundly and delicately about what a fossil is, or there would be no danger of their resenting so innocent and inoffensive a comparison. For a fossil is really a very curious thing. A fossil is not a dead animal, or a decayed organism, or in essence even an antiquated object. The whole point of a fossil is that it is the form of an animal or organism, from which all its own animal or organic substance has entirely disappeared; but which has kept its shape, because it has been filled up by some totally different substance by some process of distillation or secretion, so that we might almost say, as in the medieval metaphysics, that its substance has vanished and only its accidents remain.

SO Modern Art (And it’s Post Post antecedents) is essentially artistic formalism, that is, it takes the shape of what came before without truly being art at all.


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