Coming Soon… Book Review! “The Watson Chronicles”


I have just finished The Watson Chronicles… brought to you by the incredible Ann-Margaret Lewis. … As seen through the somewhat less incredible me.  There will be a review. But I generally need to read it more than once to do it justice, with several days to digest.

The book leaves you energized rather than drained. Excuse me while I go write bits of the review.  This book is… amazing. The most satisfying and skillful pastiche that I have ever seen.  But it is a book that deserves to be savored, read over again.

I suspect that I will find more riches if re-read. I’m currently having trouble deciding if I want to I dust off my old Conan Doyle, reread the book, or reread the first one.  After all, my husband has to read it, and also I have to send it back to the kind gent who lent it to me. Post haste. (And buy a new copy for myself!)

                        ↑  Ed Bierman from Redwood City, USA;  ⊕ Creative Commons License. ↑

Fortunately, we are relatively quick readers. Unlike the blue snails.  🙂


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