Sunday Shrine 8/3

© 2009, Jeremy Atherton, Creative Commons License

Sanctuary shot of St. Mary of the Angels, in Chicago, IL.  The gentleman who is being beatified in Spain in a few weeks, fellow member of Opus Dei and friend of St Jose Maria prayed in front of this church back when, when the sanctuary you see above was closed and slated to be demolished. Then, Opus Dei took possession of the building, remodeled it on it’s original design (see above, this photograph doesn’t begin to do it justice) and now it is considered one of the Top Ten most beautiful buildings in the world.

For very good reason.  It is breathtaking.  I’ve been going to mass here for several years, and I still can’t help staring around at the paintings, sculpture and architectural details. I’m still seeing things I have never noticed before.

Spongie555  Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons License.

This is both a relic and a portrait.


Okay, you may have seen St. Mary of the Angels before, if you have been here a  LONG time.  This is the parish I’m most likely to be at…. you’ll see me at the sinner’s mass. Or the “we work a lot” mass. Or the “last resort” mass.

I’m posting this today because today is the feast of St Mary of the Angels!


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