Sunday Shrine 8/24 (late)

This is the only shrine of note I found about Scotland, on wikimedia. (At least, officially.) Oh, and a gray sarcophagus which looked rather dead and uninspiring. This however, is fun.  Because, bits of dead people!  🙂 Gems and pretty!  Also, it originally had silver Celtic knotwork on it, as the  drawing below suggests.

The above image brought to you by Johnbod. Thanks alot, dude

More goodness by Johnbod  

That clasp bit there looks enameled.

⇑There’s the drawing that helps clarify the pattern of the etching on the silver.

Brought to you by Nachosan!

Because I’m feeling pretty lazy today, you get to read the documentation actually posted in the Museum. No gratuitous research from me today.

⇑ Thanks be to Nachosan, for doing this work for me.  🙂

 More good works of the by-now famous Nachosan. It is possibly a Doridozen experience! *bows*

Yep, all this for St. Columbia. Lovingly preserved by some extremely stubborn Catholics.


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