Sunday Shrine–Belated! Makeup for 9/21

Don’t get me started about this weekend. I was ill and tired, and had a deadline.

But I promise you I got you another Shrine. But, it’s late.

So instead, I lead you to ““– for a fellow for whom I have always wanted to pilgrimage.  Yes, it’s already happening.  But I found out, just in time to miss it. It is the sort of thing one needs to save for, I think.

It is probably too early to call it a shrine, since it is a bit too early to call Chesterton a saint, let alone a blessed. But I will say that a prayer card in his name was distributed by our current Pope, back when he was still a archbishop.


I regret that no one has taken creative commons or public domain images of the place.  But the “” link will show it to you, as I don’t have the rights to post them here.

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