Traditional Sanity; Modern Insanity

The worst insanity is the insanity you choose

.  First, here’s Chesterton, who says things far better than me.

The incredible confusion  of modern thought is always suggesting that any indication that mean have been influenced is an indication that they have been forced.  All men are always being influenced; every incident is an influence.

The question is, which incident shall we allow to be most influential.  MacBeth was influenced; but he consented to be influenced. HE was not, like a blind tragic pagan, obeying something he thought he ought to obey. He does not worship The Three Witches like The Three Fates. He is a good enlightened Christian, and sins against the light.

There is a point in this world where you can decide to be sane– or insane. You can decide to let people take care of you for the rest of your life. The trick is, you can never get out, otherwise you admit that it was all a lie to begin with.

We will do anything to deny sin– up to and including denying free will, or even the possibility of sanity.

This is not to say that there is no such thing as insanity– it is to say that so many are willing to be called insane simply to avoid being called a sinner.  Heads up, it is a dangerous thing in these days to use the word ‘sin’. Our culture has practically made the concept illegal.

Amusing sidenote: even WP doesn’t like sin. It tells me I should substitute the word “sign.”



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