More Reviews! Still More! And, an Update.


Margot does Book Reviews!

UPDATE:  This week is my Book Review! Look for it tomorrow!

And… we just had  a few more added to the list recently. Why? I can’t say no to books!  Just Can’t!  Note that in all books but the last one, you can click on the picture to get an Amazon link.




Next up, is the esteemed Declan Finn, back to us with “It Was Only On Stun.” Which… yes, I am reading as we speak. (Well, okay, I’m taking a break to write a blog post, but you get the idea.)  I’m having fun with it. It’s the perfect response to too much politics. Those who abhor Science Fiction Conventions  and/or gonzo action scenes need not apply.





Next up is Karina Fabian’s “Greater Treasures”. Our last announcement had some lovely dragon art to go with it!  This is  a hard look at making bad decisions for good reasons. Friendship between Catholic nun and a dragon should be highly entertaining, and likely has some real meat.  (No, not the nun, or at least I hope not!)




NEW!  Now for the new announcements on my reading calendar– a romance novel (gasp!) and a cosy mystery.



So that sweet Romance would be “Farmhand.

Written by Lilania Begley about the wounds that tear you apart and the pain that holds you together. Also, hard work and sweat can be mighty therapeutic!  This is just a preview, so stay tuned.

This translates in my head to “REAL Romance, before the 20th Century ruined them, and the 21st ruined them harder”.  The moment you lose track of your characters, it ceases to be Romance, IMNSHO.


If I want to read what people do when they are horny, it’s not hard to find.  So I welcome going back to a genre that kept me sane in college– when I was chased more than chaste.  [Ed. Yes, there are plenty of jokes to be had about that. Hrm. Maybe that’s a seed for another blog post, if people were interested in my moralizing.]

Who is Lilania Begley? Rumor has it, this is the pen name for Cedar Sanderson, also wrote Pixie Noir and it’s several sequels. I have it on good authority she’s doing another Pixie Noir sequel.

91yz4TUtfDL._SL1500_The second book is David Freer’s “Joy Cometh With the Mourning“, wherein a shiny new  Anglican minister is sent to a rural parish handle all herself.  She arrives in the middle of a rain storm only to discover that her predecessor was murdered!  She must both solve the mystery and heal deeper wounds in this congregation. All the while, finding her own peace  in the sometimes difficult country mindset.  Will she find a place here, or will she always be on the outside, looking in?

I’m a big fan of Cosies, but good ones are hard to find. I find myself going back to the classics.  Even from the first chapter, I know I’ll be coming back to this one.



Ramon Casas i Carbó [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ramon Casas i Carbó [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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