Book Review– A Pius Stand


[“ ]They have threatened us with death, … to destroy our way of life. If they want to take from us, they better brace for impact.[“]

A Pius Stand is the long awaited last book in a trilogy by Declan Finn.

I was so thrilled when I finally got my hands on  this book!  This means, you should read up on the first two before embarking on this one. This is not to say that the book makes no sense at all if you read it first on it’s own.  So much water has roared under that bridge, you want to start from the top.

So how do you give a synopsis of the end of a trilogy?  Sadly, I can’t do a complete job.  Giving away the ending in a review is a cardinal no-no. There are just too many cardinals involved for me to risk it. Please note that  talking about enough history and action to suck all the cruft out of Wikipedia.

Where do we start?

Step 1: the world has gone insane.   The UN has decided that the Catholic church is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.  But instead of being just another bit of bloviating from the world stage, a fighting force is assembled to exact revenge, er, I mean “justice”. We find that not much assembly is required. All too conveniently, a murderous set of villains is  waiting in the wings to be unleashed. Their mission: to give unto Caesar– and themselves– what once belonged to the church. Her documents destroyed, her buildings stripped looted and razed, her people led off into camps.

What we see happen is the assembly of the defenders from some surprising places to help defend where Western Culture began.  These determined looters with epic street cred do not back down so easily. Yes, their first few efforts were repelled.  The trouble is, a determined enemy always doubles down to exact tribute. We are shown exactly what is at stake and what needs to be done to make a last stand for the City on the Seven Hills, and ultimately good will throughout the world.

There is a lot of history here, and most of it is real.  There are a few plot details as always because it is still fiction. (So far.) He makes it very clear up front, and you never have that sense of unreality– except when you go look stuff up and discover it was really that bad.  Watching it unveil between  riveting fight scenes and shootouts is a great joy.  A Pius Stand brings us to the final chapter, the final standoff between the forces of Good and Evil.   All the pieces that were put into place for the first two books come together for a hair raising finish.

Ultimately, to make the bid for civilization, you need to be willing to sacrifice your skills, your talents, all your effort, and your life.  What separates the friends from the flatterers is all about who is willing to do just that.

UPDATE: I will post a link to the book just as soon as it comes out.   Until then, we have links to the other two books in the series.

Second UPDATE (as promised!)  There are two links you need to know.

One for paperback.

One for kindle.


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