Books coming up in the New Year


Books in the New Year:

I’m afraid I took a look through my “accepted reading list” and some things fell of the back end of last year. Some of them I looked at long ago as early 2014.  Sadly that pushes back some things I said I’d get to early this year.  This is my only slightly arbitrary list for  first quarter 2015.

NOTE: I don’t have dates on most of these yet.  That’ll take another assessment and how quickly I get through each book, as well as just how much LTUE  will disrupt February.

Farm Hand (Second Week of January, most likely) As promised… here. 

Underlake Kia Heavey

Codename: Winterborn Declan Finn

Tears of Paradox by Daniella Bova

Sword and the Serpent by Taylor Marshall

I try to stick to indie authors, but for this I will make an exception–

The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley  by Assorted Baen Authors

If I have time before summer, I’ll squeeze in a few other titles.  The Eternity Symbiote,  and a special something I’ll save up for announcing a little later. 🙂


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