3 Reasons NK really did Hack Sony


[EDITOR NOTE: Begging pardon, WordPress image display is NOT working today. I cannot download new stuff, nor can I insert images already extant on the system. So you’ll just have to be forced to read something for a change. Maybe that hacking thing is getting around  EDIT (12/10/15): It works, so here, have a meme!.]

I know it’s fun to speculate that Sony had themselves hacked to publicize a movie that looks like a real stinker. But I say, the fact that the movie IS a real stinker is clear evidence that this whole story is what it appears on the tin.

1. Sony Lost a great deal of money in this transaction. No movie production company would risk the fallout from being found out. Being blackballed with extreme prejudice is the least issue.  Real world prosecution as well as Homeland Security intervention is not THAT far fetched in this climate.  Sony has done stupid things to Sony before (and since!), but is beyond the pale. If they weren’t involved with blockbusters like Avengers, Sony would be out of business. Note that such actions would be carefully read vis “what kind of potential lawsuits” they might get. Take a second look at the second link if you don’t believe me. THat’s probably only the first wave of lawsuits.  They may wind up folding in a year or two anyway.

Further, they lost a lot of intellectual property, and nobody, not even the production company, would willingly hitch their publicity to something that devastating and damaging to their own people. That is a tightly knit business, so friends and neighbors would suffer untold damages, not just competitors.

2.  NK probably had no idea that this movie was a parody.  Or maybe they did, and THAT was the problem.  Besides, free speech is something they’d want to attack.   Movie companies know far more about publicity– even publicity stunts– than totalitarian governments, so the disproportion of the threat fits more with our NK hearties than any sort of self inflicted stunt.

3.  The NK has been rattling its’ rusty saber for so long most people have forgotten that they threaten us  at all. This is the only kind of attack they could afford, and hope to hit us where it counts– the pocket book.  For them, there is little difference between any major US corporation and the White House, especially since in the NK there IS no difference. The freedom of action for corporations would seem like so much legal conceit to someone who grew up in a place where there is no difference between the entertainment industry and the government.

At least we know when we buy our movie tickets we are not buying from Uncle Sam.


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