I’m Not Dead Yet

CC: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

There’s a fascinating story here, graciously included by Tony Hisggett with this enigmatic picture.

Back in 1861 several tenement buildings (at that point over 200 years old) collapsed, killing people inside. Thirty two souls were lost. All who were inside perished, save for one man. His name was Paisley Close.  (That is an awesome name that I will be stealing for the right purpose.) He was standing in a doorway, saying goodbye to his fiancee. His fiancee was sadly lost, as the room she sat in was demolished. Yet the archway over his head still stood, preserving him.  He was trapped inside by the rest of the building. He cried out to the digging crews, “Heave away, chaps, I ain’t dead yet.”

So they built a memorial to the Man who Lived.  So… connections to the famous dead parrot sketch, AND Harry Potter.

This whole thing is paraphrased by yours truly: the original text can be found here.



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