Does Eric Flint ENJOY Beating Up On his Friends?

More stuff. Makes me sad.

The Arts Mechanical

I was going to drop the Hugos for a while and then Eric Flint plopped this piece of true douchery out of his blog today.  I’m sorry, but this is about the largest piece of self justification and just plain crap that I have ever seen.  If you read Eric’s books and of the 50 or so he’s written I think I have at least 45 of them, you don’t see any of the kind of narcissistic attempt to say that “I must be right and see, I can twist things around like a pretzel to make me right.”  Add to that that he beats on his friends to do that. So why does he do that sort of thing on his blog?

Especially when he’s just parroting the unwisdom of the very unwisse.  I mean seriously, Eric, you need to find better sources.  Mr. Wisse is a wannabe Marxist who hasn’t got the…

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