Margot Reviews The A TEAM

The copyright belongs to @2010 Twentieth Century Fox.  FAIR USE claim. Please don't sue.  Not much blood in this stone.

The copyright belongs to @2010 Twentieth Century Fox. FAIR USE claim. Please don’t sue. Not much blood in this stone.

Margot Reviews The A TEAM


This is a movie I proudly avoided when it hit the theaters. I was convinced they’d find a way to ruin my deeply held guilty pleasure of my tweens and early teens. Okay, I never felt THAT guilty that I enjoyed this series, but when you are of a certain age, the fact that nobody ever runs out of ammo and the villains don’t hit anything while spraying firestorms of lead can get to you after a while.

I made a terrible mistake. I should have taken my fear out to the woodshed and left it a smear on the gravel. Because this movie was fracking awesome.

Imagine if the original series had a wild fling with The Unit, add a dash of Mission: Impossible, then add more explosions and update the action a tad, and holy pocky sticks you have a creation made of pure fun.

I seriously loved every minute of this movie. It was the best action film I’d seen in a very long while.  Okay, maybe it’s not Die Hard, but it was as close as an action film could get.

Yes there was fan service– in more subtler forms than I’m used to. Original actors (hint: the ones that could act, and were still alive) put in cameos in humorous places. There were jokes and even subplots that lovingly lamp-shaded the original series, but was a noogie not a slap to the face.  BA’s haircut and his weird experiment with peacenik in prison were done perfectly. And central casting was actually brilliant, though it took a while to adapt to Hannibal’s new jawline.

They get props for one of the most crazy helicopter dogfights in the history of film.  And proof positive that helio pilots are their own special brand of crazy.

So was it perfection? Did I see anything that I didn’t like?


This image was found in the Press Packet. It still belongs to @2010 Twentieth Century Fox

Actually yes.  It also took me a while to get used to the short cropped, almost choppy scenes that went by so quick you weren’t always sure what happened. I appreciate that combat can be like that, but I missed having time to know how the good guys got away in the opening sequence.  I did manage to follow the helo dogfight,  but just barely. I’m glad they slowed that shit down for the resolution of the finale. That could be just me, I was able to follow the rest of the movie.

The shell game had a nice twist, with plenty of action and explosions worthy of a Michael Bay movie, but there was character development, hilarious rescue scenes, bow-tied up with the light hearted fun you remember from the show.

The fact that the villain identity twist was a a tired and reused trope to the point I won’t reveal it. You’ll figure it out. Its not the destination but the journey that makes this movie fun.

But they remembered to count bullets, and people actually got hurt. But, nobody got preachy about it. It’s hard to think enough high praise to fill into this movie. No, Virginia, the summer blockbuster is not dead.


^^^The saddest thing about this film is that THIS IMAGE is as close as they get to an action still for the press packet.


In our next issue, we can discuss rumors about rebooting the TV series!


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